Sunday, May 2, 2010


Just to tell you a little about me, I thought I'd write you a biopoem:

Ruler, nice, strong, ZAP!
Son of Cronus and Rhea
Lover of Metis, Ares, Leto, Leda, Princess Danae, Semele... the list goes on
Who feels love, strength, and happiness
Who needs an easier job, less children, and a steady relationship
Who fears chaos, destruction, people who eat babies
Who gives Justice, Moral, and a LOT for gossip magazines to talk about
Who would like to see some action in Olympus
Resident of 12345 Olympus Drive,
Olympus, Olympus
ZIP code 12345
AKA "The only person who could beat Chuck Norris in a fight"


  1. Not true! I could get Chuck Norris! I've got a plastic sword! (oh really, you don't believe me, WELL LOOK AT MY BLOG)

  2. Dad! It's me, Artemis...your nature girl. Were you ticked off today? Thunderbolts were flying hither tither.