Monday, May 10, 2010

Agamemnon's Weakest Point

The day is lost
Many of Agamemnon's best fighters have been killed
By the blinding rage of the Trojan warriors
In a normal battle, he would never back down.
But this one seemed hopeless.
He wanted to fall back.
But was it really his choice if his army fell back?
Nay, his army does not choose to leave.
The thirst to kill still fresh in their minds,
They march on,
Hoping for greater success the next day.
But, if brave Achilles were to fight,
They could surely win.
Alas, Achilles will not fight.
He is too proud to fight under a commander who insulted he and his livelihood
But not for long
For old man Pheonix, he knows they cannot leave!
He knows that they cannot return in shame!
No, he , and old charioteer,
Chooses to stay, and fight
So, Achilles chooses to do the same

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful lines, father Zeus...the heroic tone is quite stirring.
    Your Daughter, Artemis