Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Explanation

Now, I have heard that there is a great deal of controversy over my decision to send Hermes to Earth to persuade Priam to find his son. However, I feel that what I did was the only appropriate thing I could do. Let me explain:
If I had not done this, Priam would have greatly suffered, both physically and emotionally, and if Priam had died then, the people of Troy would not have been able to handle the loss, after the loss of their beloved prince. Also, Achilles would have continued to try to mutilate Hector's body, to no avail, due to Apollo's protecting the corpse. However, because I did this, Priam was able to see his son again, and Achilles recieved a great deal of treasure, which he split with his friend, who had been killed at the hands of Hector.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring vacation

Hello, loyal subjects
I know, everyone's been wondering, "what did Zeus do over spring vacation? He's so cool and awesome and stuff!" Well, if you must know, I stayed at home over the vacation. I know, it seems boring, but when you create everything, there's nothing you haven't seen! However, I did have some fun making humans do strange things. For example, I got Agamemnon to dance before the people of Achea. That was HILARIOUS!
Anyway, what did you mortals do over vacation? I would like to know

Monday, May 10, 2010

Agamemnon's Weakest Point

The day is lost
Many of Agamemnon's best fighters have been killed
By the blinding rage of the Trojan warriors
In a normal battle, he would never back down.
But this one seemed hopeless.
He wanted to fall back.
But was it really his choice if his army fell back?
Nay, his army does not choose to leave.
The thirst to kill still fresh in their minds,
They march on,
Hoping for greater success the next day.
But, if brave Achilles were to fight,
They could surely win.
Alas, Achilles will not fight.
He is too proud to fight under a commander who insulted he and his livelihood
But not for long
For old man Pheonix, he knows they cannot leave!
He knows that they cannot return in shame!
No, he , and old charioteer,
Chooses to stay, and fight
So, Achilles chooses to do the same

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Santiago Jones, Criminal Activity Columnist for The Olympian

As you may know, Zeus's daughter, Persephone has been captured by his brother, Hades, ruler of the underworld. At this point, he has expressed that he is unwilling to let Persephone leave. Her mother, Demeter, goddess of agriculture, is very unhappy with the situation. She has caused crops all over the mortal world to begin to wither and die. Many mortals are starving due to this lack of food. Here to talk about this situation, I have with me none other than the legendary: Zeus!

Olympian: So, word has it that you and Hermes are trying to sort out this whole ordeal with Hades. Can you tell us more?

Zeus: Well, I can't give away too many details, but I can say that this incident will most likely be over soon.

O: Has anyone else been helping you to try to get her back?

Z: Well, all of the media coverage has certainly put pressure on him to release her, which we think is helping the situation enormously.

O: Did you ever expect something like this would happen with Hades?

Z: Yes, I did. Being the lord of the underworld, he could do whatever he wanted with anyone who died, and I think that freedom has lead him to believe that he can do whatever he wants. He needs to learn his lesson that things like this just aren't OK.

O: Well, thanks for stopping by the office!

Z: No problem

The Olympian will make sure to keep you posted on any exciting new developments on this story. For now, I am Santiago Jones, and thank you for reading.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Just to tell you a little about me, I thought I'd write you a biopoem:

Ruler, nice, strong, ZAP!
Son of Cronus and Rhea
Lover of Metis, Ares, Leto, Leda, Princess Danae, Semele... the list goes on
Who feels love, strength, and happiness
Who needs an easier job, less children, and a steady relationship
Who fears chaos, destruction, people who eat babies
Who gives Justice, Moral, and a LOT for gossip magazines to talk about
Who would like to see some action in Olympus
Resident of 12345 Olympus Drive,
Olympus, Olympus
ZIP code 12345
AKA "The only person who could beat Chuck Norris in a fight"


Hello, lesser beings of Earth! I am Zeus, supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and God of Weather, who overthrew the power of my evil, baby-eating titan father, Cronus! I will post any and all updates in the world of Olympus through this "Blog". Do not make me angry, or I will throw lighting at you! Ha! Take that!